edit | Faith Lutheran Church, Madison Alabama

This is an example embed you can experiment with

Feel Free to edit this embed in any way you wish, it doesn't show up on the website

This is some more text that doesn't really mean much

This Markdown file is a simple example of an Embed in Alloy. Embeds allow you to create content right inside of the Alloy Editor and then embed them into your RapidWeaver project via drag-and-drop. Once embedded into your project file, just republish your project and from then on out you'll be able to edit that Embed inside of Alloy and not need to republish your site each time to make content changes.

Since you'll be using Alloy's Editor for your content you'll be working with Markdown. This means you'll be able to format content into headers, bulleted lists tables and more. You'll also be able to insert photos, YouTube embeds, blockquotes and other types of content as well.

To learn more about Alloy's Embeds, as well as the rest of the Editor, be sure to visit the Alloy tutorials page: https://alloy.elixirgraphics.com/tutorials

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